Learn more about startups!

Pitchblak is a startup studio. An in-house team of talented entrepreneurs and creatives. We are addicted to helping people turn their ideas into sustainable companies. We do two things really well.

1. We run programs for launching new ideas.

Everyone has ideas. But no one invests in unproven ideas. People invest in great entrepreneurs with truly proven ideas. The Startup Playbook is our 13-week idea launch program where we help you learn from the thousands of mistakes we made while building our own successful (and not so successful) companies. It’s the strongest first step for anyone wanting to do huge things in business.

2. We offer advisory services to existing startups.

Startups are damn hard. We know, we've built a bunch of them. For the past two years now we've been advising startups on how to avoid the mistakes we've made over years of successes and failures. The key to success is avoiding mistakes. We advise startups on a number of key aspects including capital raising, product management, team building and market growth.