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Hard. F**king. Work.

Building a great company takes patience and working your ass off for five or more years. The entrepreneurial lifestyle comes with sacrifice. It's a race where you have no idea how far away the finish line is… and usually the winners are those bold enough to keep running until they reach it.


Ego isn’t welcome here. We literally can’t stand it. As a heads up, humility is the number one quality we are looking out for when we meet you for the first time. And there is a distinct difference between confidence and ego. Nothing shows your value more than delivering real results. Words are just words.


We put health first. The startup space can be fast-paced and stressful. We believe the way you think will play a big part in the success of your business. And it’s so much easier to think clearly when you take care of your mind and body.


We hate the saying “if you want something done, do it yourself”. Successful people recognise their weaknesses and see the power in collaboration to accelerate the growth of their business. Early-stage startups are significantly disadvantaged by founders trying to become experts at ten different things.


The team always comes first.
You CAN get it right the first time.
Our work is our play.
Work smarter AND harder.
You can manifest whatever you need at just the right time.
The scoreboard (bank account) takes care of itself when you focus on adding value to others.
You can choose to be positive all the time, it creates constant happiness.
Practice what you preach.
World domination (WD) never sleeps.
Sprint every day, but realise startups are a marathon.