Learn more about startups!
What is the difference between Pitchblak and incubators or accelerators?

How deeply involved we are, and the services we provide. We have an in-house team of talented strategists, designers, growth-hackers, and developers. This means we can act as a ‘support arm’ for startups before they have enough funding to have their own in-house team.

Why should I use Pitchblak instead of doing it alone?

Building successful startups is really hard. Through launching a bunch of our own in-house startups we have built wide networks and industry connections, plus a suite of reusable intellectual property, launch and growth strategies, and technology modules. These reusable components give you a significant head-start against your potential competitors.

How big is your team?

We have more than 100 staff collectively throughout the in-house startups we launched ourselves.

Do you outsource?

No. Our team is all in-house across multiple offices.

Are you a VC?

No, though a huge part of what we do is help founders become 'investor ready’. We’ve raised millions for our startups, so we know what investors are looking for to feel comfortable backing you.

Do you take equity in my idea?

Initially, no. We are really picky about who we partner with and we take our time in deciding. It’s all about trust and getting to see how we work together. We do own stakes in a large portfolio of startups.

How did you figure out how to start startups?

Funnily enough, by starting our own startups. We began by only working on internal projects (our own ideas), but once we had figured out the process we opened up our doors to other entrepreneurs. We still love doing in-house projects.

Will you build my product for free if I give you an equity stake in my business?

No, we never do 100% sweat-equity. Though we can help you get the funding needed to build your product and business.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, but not straight away. No studio, incubator, accelerator or VC firm will sign an NDA before actually hearing your idea. We don’t steal ideas from people, we have enough of our own.

Do you charge for your services?

Yes. We provide the key services a startup needs before they have enough funding for their own decent in-house team.

Are your services expensive?

No. Our pricing reflects our understanding that startups don’t usually have a lot of money available in the early stages. We genuinely care about you and your business not running out of cash.

Do you help companies that aren’t actually startups?

Yes, we have helped a lot of larger companies, though startups are our passion.

What’s the process for working with you?

First, connect with us so we can arrange a discussion. We will then analyse your idea internally before committing to work with you. We only take on ideas that we know can achieve significant traction.

Why isn’t your branding black?

Because it would have been too obvious...