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Posted 10.1.2017 by Adrian Osman

Ideas are not worth anything. It's the problems and insights behind the idea that matters.

Posted 14.12.2016 by Haley Johnson

Building a startup is bloody hard work. Especially as a solo founder. Find out what Paul learned during his journey with a startup studio.

Posted 6.12.2016 by Haley Johnson

All politics aside, Donald Trump was different, unabashedly himself, and downright unforgettable. Here are a few important lessons startups can learn from Donald Trump's tactics for winning the election.

Posted 29.11.2016 by Adrian Osman

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, but after working with hundreds of founders, I've discovered the three most important skills a CEO needs to succeed.

Posted 22.11.2016 by Adrian Osman

You've probably heard of startup accelerators or incubators, but what the heck is a startup studio and how does it fit into the startup ecosystem?

Posted 11.11.2016 by Adrian Osman

It's hard to get people to keep apps on their phone. Here are five tips for building an app people will download and actually use.

Posted 28.10.2016 by Adrian Osman

Everyone has the same amount of hours in the day. So why do some of us get so much more shit done than others?

Posted 28.10.2016 by Adrian Osman

One of our biggest mistakes on our first startup was not having an advisor. Here's why you need one and how to lock them down.

Posted 10.10.2016 by Adrian Osman

Ready to hear the secret to achieving optimal work-life balance as a crazy entrepreneur?